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Zodi Outback Gear
 Zodi Hot Tap
Water Heaters
Camping Shower

Don't let
the compact
size of the
Zodi Hot Tap
fool you

This little work horse will provide you with endless 100 degree hot water for showering, washing your hair, cleanup and dishes.

Portable Camp Shower

Simply place the submersible pump in any water source, turn on the pump, open the propane and push the ignition button. In seconds you have endless hot water.

Zodi offers the Hot Tap in three sizes.  From the lightweight, easy to pack Traveler single burner to the high performance 4 season twin burner HP or the high output X40 Outfitter, there is a Hot Tap for everyone. 

Ideal for camping, hunting, RVs, cabins, boats, home emergencies and more.

We have been selling Zodi heaters for over 10 years.  They make rock solid products and back them up with excellent customer service.

Zodi Hot Tap Traveler Single Burner
Shower and Water Heater
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Enjoy the convenience of instant hot water with push button ignition.  Equipped with a stainless steel burner, this Zodi shower provides endless hot water in just seconds. Includes a rugged plastic case that doubles as a 4 gallon water container. The powerful 6v water pump delivers great water pressure. The Traveler is ideal for canoeing, kayaking, family camping or anywhere lightweight and portability are required. The compact Traveler stows easily and provides about a 25 degree temperature gain per cycle. If the water source is lower than 65 degrees it may need to be recycled in a bucket for a few minutes to reach shower temperature.
MSRP $179.95  Our Price $139.95

Temporarily out of stock on Manufacturer's Back Order 
Zodi Hot Tap Traveler 6185 Features

Zodi Hot Tap HP Double Burner
Shower and Water Heater
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Enjoy unlimited 100ºF hot water in just seconds with Zodi's High Performance self contained Hot Tap HP.  A complete system with push button ignition and battery operated pump that delivers great water pressure. Rugged storage case doubles as a 4 gallon water container. Extra performance for year around use.  A great choice for 4-season campers, hunters and RV owners.
MSRP $269.95  Our Price $229.95
Temporarily out of stock on Manufacturer's Back Order 
Zodi 2 Burner Hot Tap HP Features

Zodi X-40 Outfitter High Output
Shower and Water Heater
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Designed for outfitters, base camps, cabins and horse trailers the rugged Zodi Hot Tap X40 is a high output, Instant water heater and portable shower system. Packed with 40,000 BTU of power and a 12 volt water pump, the X-40 delivers endless hot water for showers, cleaning up and game prep anywhere The 16 ft long hose allows use though out camp, from the kitchen area for the dishes to the shower area without moving the heater. Legs retract for compact storage in tough storage gear bag. The powerful X-40 is the toughest portable water heater available anywhere. So tough it is even in use in Antarctica. (Propane tank not included)
MSRP $499.95  Our Price $449.95
Zodi X40 Outfitter High Output Portable Shower and Water Heater Features

The  Traveler is smallest and lightest of the Hot Taps but if the temp of the source water is below 65 deg it may need to be recirculated for a few minutes until it reaches shower temperature.   This is done by placing the shower nozzle in a bucket and running it until the output water is up to temp.  The Traveler is great for one or two persons where the situation calls for light weight especially in the Summer when the water source is warmer.  It is also an excellent choice for those on a budget.  Both the Traveler and HP put out about 1/2 gpm so the shower pressure is exactly the same.

The double burner HP is capable of heating cooler source water with a single pass. This makes it more useful in the Winter or when the water source is cooler.  We recommend the HP over the Traveler if cost and weight are not an issue.

The X40 is bigger and heavier and more suited for commercial outfitters or serious campers that want a higher output heater.  The output of the X40 is about 1 gpm.  If  you are working from a bucket or limited water source the HP or Traveler may be a better choice to give a longer shower. 
 Hot Tap Options & Accessories 
12v Pump Camp Shower Features
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This powerful 12 v submersible pump turns any water source into endless running water.  Connects to any car, boat or RV 12 volt battery for instant water pressure.  Works with all Hot Tap or Stove Top models. Ideal for outfitters or large groups, Complete with 10 foot power cable. Upgrade to the 12 volt pump for extra options & convenience.
MSRP $74.95 Our Price $59.95

Out of Stock Discontinued by Manufacturer
*Not meant for use with Decker's Water Station, Horse Washer or Eccotemp heaters.
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Built tough, this compact, sealed 5 amp gel cell delivers portable power anywhere!  Use it to power your optional Hot Tap 12v pump without the dependancy of a vehicle's battery.  Also great for powering cell phones, laptops, fish finders, lights etc. Sealed design allows use in any position - will not leak!   Simply plug recharging cable into your vehicle's cigarette lighter to recharge.
MSRP $59.95  Our Price $54.95

          Out of Stock.  Discontinued by Manufacturer
12v Battery Zodi 1091 Camping Shower Features

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Use this adapter hose to run your Hot Tap Traveler on the larger 5 gallon propane tanks to deliver up to 60 hours of continuous use.  It has a high quality mil-spec approved propane "Y" hose with a powder coated bracket that attaches to the propane tank collar for convenience. Ideal for lanterns too. Convenient thumb-wheel for hand tightening, no tools required. Tank not included.
MSRP $79.95  Our Price $59.95
Zodi Single Burner Water Heater Bulk Kit 1090 Features

Zodi Shower Pole 1068 Features
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Enjoy hands free showering with the Zodi adjustable shower pole.  Sets up in seconds and holds your Zodi showerhead. Height is adjustable which is ideal for hand washing & rinsing dishes, etc.  Will fit inside Zodi hard case and gear bags.  The tripod base provides great stability on all ground conditions.  Includes a handy nylon storage bag.  Designed to also work with the Zodi Privacy Shower Shelter (see on our Privacy Tent / Shower Enclosure page) .Shower hose and head shown in photo sold separately.
MSRP $34.95  Our Price $29.95
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Connect your Hot Tap to any garden hose for unlimited water flow without using pump or battery.  Perfect for use in marinas, campgrounds, cabins and power outages.
MSRP $9.95  Our Price $9.95

Zodi Garden Hose Adapter 1095 Features


The 12v pump is a great addition the the HP or Traveler for extended camping trips or in a permanent camp when a 12v power source is available or with the Zodi 12v Battery.  The water output will not be increased, as the shower nozzle is what limits the flow rate.

Adding a Bulk Propane Kit to the HP or Traveler will give you hours of use without changing propane.  It also acts as a nice steady mount, lessening the risk of being accidentally knocked over. 

The Garden Hose Adapter is something we recommend to all customers.  It's nice to hook up directly to a faucet when available.
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