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Use Your Engine's
Coolant System
To Heat Water
DECKER'S proudly offers the famous "R&M SPECIALTY PRODUCTS" vehicle mounted camping shower system. All you need is a vehicle with a water cooled engine and a water source (lake, stream or even a bucket) for an UNLMITED HOT CAMP SHOWER. Since 1991 thousands of satisfied customers have installed the R+M hot water shower on their vehicles. These systems are built tough and designed to last. They are in service worldwide, including Iceland, Alaska, Siberia, Saudia Arabia, Canada and the United States. This product is perfect for off road vehicles, camping, hunting, fishing, the cattle and sheep industry, animal grooming at horse and dog shows, skin and scuba diving, sailboarding and scores of other uses that require unlimited hot water anywhere you take your vehicle.
Vehicle Mounted Hot Water Heat Exchanger
The heat exchanger is permanently mounted in your vehicles engine compartment. It is then plumbed so the hot water that travels from your engine to the vehicles heater passes thru the heat exchanger.

Connect the three hoses that come with the system. Warm your vehicle to normal operating temperature. Connect the pump to your vehicles battery.
RM Vehicle Mounted Hot Water Heat Exchanger
To use your shower even faster, install it with the REMOTE ACCESSORY KIT. The kit allows you to permanently mount the pump to your vehicle. The pump is wired to the vehicle's battery and is controlled by a push-pull switch. The pump and heat exchanger are plumbed to a custom bracket that is fitted with quick disconnect fittings.

With the REMOTE ACCESSORY KIT, all you do is connect the suction and shower hoses to the installed bracket using the quick connect fittings, turn on the pump switch and you have hot water. The kit includes custom bracket with quick disconnect fittings, quick disconnect fittings for the suction and shower hoses, push pull switch for the pump, 15 amp fuse and all hose, wiring and connectors necessary for installation.

*As of July 2009 the Quick Connect Remote Accessory Kit
 is included with all units rather than as an option.

  • Easily installs to your engine's coolant system
  • Comes with everything needed for installation
  • Installs in about 1/2 hour
  • Adjustable temperature
  • 15 foot hose with a showerhead
  • 26 foot pick up hose with intake filter
  • Compact heat exchanger measures 2 .5" by 12"
  • 12 volt demand pump delivers water from lake or stream
  • Extra heater hose for installation of heat exchanger
  • Bracket enables mounting heat exchanger in multiple locations
  • 9 foot hose to supply water from pump to heat exchanger
  • Right angle adapter for connection of shower or intermediate hose in tight areas
  • 2" spring clamp for clamping of showerhead in any location while in use
Installation Tip
The Quick Connect option allows you to mount the pump in the vehicle and quickly connect the hoses to the bracket which can be mounted outside the engine compartment such as under the grill or by the rear bumper.

One thing we have found is that the pump pushes water a lot better that it will pull.  That means if you mount it permanently under the hood you are limited to parking right next to the water supply.  What we like to do is place the pump by the lake or stream with a small motorcycle type battery to power it.  You can then run up to 75' of hose from the pump to the vehicle as long as the elevation gain is not too great.  This allows you more choices for setting up camp. It also gives you a pressurized cold water supply in camp when the heater is not being used.  For this reason  you might want to make the pump removable for the times when you can't or don't want to set up right next to the water source.
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