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 Stovetop Showers and Water Heaters 
Turn Your Stovetop Into
A Water Heater
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     Zodi Extreme Stovetop
        Hot Water Shower
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The Extreme delivers hot water in about 10 minutes. Simply fill with water and place on the gas burner. When the built in temperature strip shows 100 degrees, just pump the handle to pressurize and enjoy a hot 5 minute shower.

The self contained Extreme SC includes the durable 10,000 btu Extreme Stove. The rugged stove is powder coated for durability and collapses for easy transport. The stove is also handy for cooking and can even handle the weight of a heavy Dutch oven.  The Extreme Stove uses a 1 lb disposable propane bottle which is good for about 25 showers. It may also be fitted with an optional bulk adapter hose to connect to a 5 gallon or larger propane bottle.The Zodi Extreme has been the #1 hot shower of choice for back country use for years. Great for camping, hunting canoeing and kayaking.
Temporarily out of stock on Manufacturer's Back Order
Zodi Extreme Stovetop Shower

Built in shower pole brackets hold the optional Zodi Shower Pole without having to use the tripod stand, for hands free use.
Zodi Extreme With Optional Shower Pole

Temperature strip allows you to see exactly how hot the water is at just a glance. When it reaches 100 degrees it's shower time.
Extreme Camping Shower Temperature Strip

The Extreme will also work on your existing stove.  Due to the weight when filled with water, it is not recommended to place on light duty single burner camp stoves.
Extreme Water Heater On Coleman Stove
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