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Zodi Single Burner Water Heater Bulk Kit 1090 Features
Single Burner Bulk Propane Kit for Hot Tap Traveler
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Use this adapter hose to run your Hot Tap Traveler on the larger 5 gallon propane tanks to deliver up to 60 hours of continuous use.  It has a high quality mil-spec approved propane "Y" hose with a powder coated bracket that attaches to the propane tank collar for convenience. Ideal for lanterns too. Convenient thumb-wheel for hand tightening, no tools required. Tank not included.
MSRP $79.95  Our Price $59.95
  • Delivers up to 60 hrs of continuous use on one 5 gallon propane tank
  • Works with Hot Tap single burner systems
  • Thumb wheel for hand tightening - no tools required
  • Powder coated steel bracket attaches to propane tank collar
  • Enjoy up to 500 shower on one tank
  • High quality mil-spec approved "Y" propane hose
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