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Zodi Stove Top Pro Water Heater and Shower
Zodi Stove Top Pro
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Easy to use!  Just place the Stove Top Pro across your stove, submerge the compact pump in water and ignite the stove burner.  In seconds you will have hot water for showers or cleanup.  The padded gear bag doubles as a water container. Great for RVs and family camping.
The Stove Top Pro Water Heater is designed to be heated on heavy duty 35,000 BTU camp stoves similar to the Camp Chef systems used by outfitters and base camps but also works on RV and Coleman type stoves.  If used on a low output  stove the water may need to be recirculated to get up to shower temperature.  (Stove not included)
  • Instantly heats unlimited hot water 
  • Great for dishes, kids, showers, outfitting, etc
  • 8 foot flexible shower hose with water saving showerhead
  • Universal design - delivers instant hot water with any stove
  • Enjoy over 60 gallons of hot water between battery changes
  • Durable 4 gallon watertight gear bag holds water for self-contained use
  • Measures 9' X 9' x 5 1/2" or  12" x 12" x 7 1/2" in carry case.
  • High performance water heater, great for dishes, shower, cleaning up 
  • Adjust water temperature up to 100º F (adjust gas valve or recirculate) 
  • Water proof battery case with on/off switch (requires 4 "D" cell batteries) 
  • Powerful 6 volt pump with debris screen provides great water pressure 
  • Optional Garden Hose Kit permits unlimited use without pump/batteries
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