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Zodi Fire Coil Camp Water Heater
Fire Coil
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The Zodi Fire Coil delivers hot water with just a camp fire.  Simply connect the Fire Coil to two stacked water jugs then place the coil in camp fire.  Water flows from the elevated jug through the Fire Coil and into the lower empty water jug. For hotter water just repeat sequence.  The lightweight and compact Fire Coil will provide your camp with unlimited hot water.  Also works with gas stoves and fire pans. 
*Water jugs not included.

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Provides hot water anytime, anywhere 
  • Includes handy storage bag and 2 universal adapters
  • Works with camp fires, gas stoves and fire pans 
  • The durable heating coil heats water to over 100� F 
  • Heats unlimited amounts of hot water in about 20 minutes
  • Great to preheat solar shower water on cloudy days or at night
  • Lightweight, compact design is perfect for backpackers and kayakers

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